Eyes half closed

Against the light

Or the darkness


Pathways walked

Preparing me for the next turn

Thinking I’ve chosen this way

When small, yet mighty forces draw me on


Vaguely remembered promises

Of a God I hope to know

Whispered through darkened hallways

Persistent for their faintness


Sudden light

That is not so sudden

Awakening within what was already known


A God known

(despite my eyes dimly lit by a darkened world)

Promises kept

Smiling at what I should have believed all along.

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spring peepers take up the chorus of evening prayer

as sky’s banners move from





the chorus does not fade with the light

notes continue

to ring out the remembered day’s gratitudes


sweet on the ears of the creator


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Easter Vigil Litany

We wait


for darkness to fade

and light to come

Jesus we wait, we wait for you.

We wait

for rocks to be moved

and messages to be carried

Jesus we wait, we wait for you.

We wait

for our chance to peer into the empty tomb

to touch discarded grave clothes with our own hands

Jesus we wait, we wait for you.

We wait

with our wounded hearts

broken bodies

clouded eyes

Jesus we wait, we wait for you.

We wait

on this sacred night

we wait for dawn to break

for hope to be kindled within us

for light and new life.

Jesus we wait, we wait for you.

Be to us a companion in our waiting

teach us patience

give us strength.

May we hold fast through the dark night

that we might arrive,

with all the saints

to that glorious morning

that lays just ahead.

That morning the reveals to us who you are

and who we really are in you.

This we pray in the name of Jesus our soon to be risen Lord.  Amen

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Ash Wednesday

The comfort of dust

of those long dead


on table tops


and bookshelves


Reduced, yet



through which our fingers make pathways


The comfort of dust

of time passed

of age

and being


You are dust

and to dust you shall return


Be comforted

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Prayer Before You Walk

(This was written for a friend walking the Camino.)


Starting a hike in Mono Township, Ontario

May my steps along this path take me

deeper into Your heart;

closer to the truth of who I am in You.

May my companions along the way

surprise me with new revelations of your Spirit;

evoke in me a deeper compassion.

As my foot touches the worn path

and my eyes alight upon your creation

may I know your loving embrace more truly

and sing my silent gratitudes with joy.

Journey with me Friend of my soul

that I might walk the true way

always following You

always looking for you in the stranger

always loving you as I touch this world.


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Eucharistic Prayer for Healing Liturgy

You came to live among us in Jesus,

appearing in such an unexpected way.

You continually surprise us with

your love,

your mercy,

your healing.

Our lives in this world have been touched by




and evil.

Parts of our




have been wounded, broken, violated.

In response we have become

the silent ones,

the ones who hate,

those tempted by despair.

We come to this table you have invited us to

opening ourselves to you with trembling hearts,

hoping in you despite our sorrow,

and singing with those who have gone before us

and the entire community of heaven,

Holy, holy, holy,

Lord God, whose power is always merciful,

Heaven and Earth sing of your greatness.

Hosanna in the highest.

Blessed is the One who comes in the name of the Lord.

Hosanna in the highest.

When you walked amongst us

you reached out to touched those of us who were considered untouchable.

You ate dinner with those of us considered unclean.

You embraced those of us who were forsaken of love.

You invited us to sit around the table with you as you did that night with your disciples,

during that meal in which healing intermingled with sorrow.

And on that night

despite your own broken heart

you took the bread that had been prepared

and offered your Father in heaven thanks for the healing nourishment of bread.

Then you told your disciples:

Take this bread, eat it, be nourished by it and receive the life it brings;

when you do so, remember me.

After the meal was over you picked up your cup of wine

and told your disciples:

drink from this cup the fruit of the vine.

As it fills you and satisfies you,

remember that I am with you always.

We are so grateful for the invitation to this table,

to be fed,

to be nourished,

to be loved,

to be known,

to be healed.

We ask of you Lord,

that you would send your Holy Spirit upon the gifts you have placed on this table,

filling us with that same Spirit,

that we might know your ways amongst us,

and be people who live in the healing you alone can bring.

And again we sing our song to you, our voices reaching for your heart with our love,

God now

God forever,

One of love,

One of wholeness,

In this world

and the next.

Forever astonishing us in unexpected ways.

May your Name be forever blessed.


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